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Israel Telemarketing was established in 2004 to address the growing concern of affordable, off-shore, outsourcing. Our company consists of 82 agents who are each trained to handle sales, appointment scheduling, cold calling, lead generation, customer service, retention, survey administering, and, of course, all forms of telemarketing. 

"Well there are tons of companies that do exactly that," you're probably thinking. "What does Israel Telemarketing offer that other companies don't?"

Our favorite question. 

Unlike other offshore telemarketing services that provide low costs and comparable low quality, our call center offers the unique blend of low costs and high quality. 

Our agents are all college-educated and native English speakers. Each agent's calls are screened for quality assurance and group team-building and skill-building sessions are held on a bi-weekly basis. 

Our motto, "We don't success unless you succeed," truly exhibits the type of company we are and the sort of image we're looking to project. We will work our hardest because we know that when the customer is happy (that is, your company and your company's customers), then we are happy. 

Call Israel Telemarketing today and ask to speak with one of our representatives about how we can work together to make your business—and your life—run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively!

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